Our London meditation courses are designed for you to appreciate for yourself the benefits of a regular meditation practice.

These are practical courses based around simple effective techniques. In addition to the classroom teaching we will be expecting you to practise the techniques in between classes.

Next Course: ‘Meditation for all levels’ in London (EC2)

This course is designed to help you discover techniques to allow you to relax and let go more effectively. Good breathing technique and the ability to calm and let go are the foundations for other more powerful and interesting meditation practices.

This course will allow you to develop your skills and awareness with regards to meditating.

It will allow you to explore and practice techniques so that by the end you should feel confident in applying these skills on a day-to-day basis.

There will be many benefits from attending, such as:

Learning how to become more still
Learning how to become more relaxed
Learning about yourself
Discovering exercises for general well-being
Allowing you to consider and explore your philosophies on life.

Topics Covered: Breath meditation, Posture, Mantra Meditation and Introduction to Advanced Meditation.

Next Start Date: Planned for October/November

Suitability: for all levels including beginners

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