About The Path

Learn to be and Love is yours forever

There is nothing more natural than being what we truly are, without acting, moving or changing.

When we first begin to learn meditation, we learn how to simply be with what is, but we soon discover that we cannot escape action, movement or change, as the world in which we live in is in a constant state of change.

  • This path of meditation will reveal to you your most natural state of being on the inside that is beyond all action, movement and change

– a state of ultimate love and complete peace, where all opposites are resolved, all questions disappear and all separation is dissolved.

Discover the cause of all there is, because it’s the reason for your existence

The state of ultimate being is the goal of the meditation journey, sought after by many.

Whether we recognise it or not, this is what we all long for – to find love, to feel secure, to find beauty, to be free from harm, free from death, free from fear. At the root of all of these things is a desire for unity, a desire to get beyond all separation and to merge with the cause of all things.

  • This path of meditation will take you from the many things, to one thing, from separation to unity, from a fear/ love duality to ultimate love.

In this state of being, we realise that there is nothing that is outside of this state. This state is the source of itself and everything else, and that this is our only true identity.

  • This has been realised by hundreds of men and women using this meditation all over the world during a time of over 40 years.

The Path of Light and Sound is the source of all created things

Our inner guide on this journey is the Light and Sound energy. It is accessed through a revelation as the energy is beyond the mind and the senses, this is the beginning of our journey.

Upon this revelation, we discover the source of all life which presents itself as a continuous sound that resonates in varying degrees of frequency and vibration, and a radiant beatific light.

  • Without using the senses, we are able to witness the vibrancy of the eternal levels of creation that had previously been concealed.
  • Through meditating with this energy the fundamental questions about who am I and what is the cause of existence are answered in a natural and inner way.

The culmination of this Path is to merge with the ultimate reality itself

As our journey develops there is a second revelation and a third revelation that can take place.

  • With each progression comes more and more amazing insights into the nature of the Self and the universe.

-These insights are naturally accompanied by indescribable feelings of bliss and well-being and greater degrees of the deepest relaxation.

What is realised upon the third revelation is the ultimate goal of the meditation path – Enlightenment, a word which has become popularly used and often ill defined.

We may have heard the word Enlightenment used to portray an ‘enlightening experience’ or to describe varying degrees of illumination or understanding. Yet when we realise Enlightenment, we see that it is far beyond any of these things and it is not an experience.

  • This is a unique opportunity to fully realise the ultimate cause of all existence as a reality beyond any concepts and ideas, and it is available to us now, in our time.

This is all possible as a consequence of the realisations of a living Enlightened teacher who has perfected a meditation Path to lead others to Enlightenment.

“I will give you a freedom that no form can remove

I will give you a form from which freedom need not escape”



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