About Meditation

Meditation is simple

By definition it is the art of learning to focus our attention on one thing. A simple explanation maybe, but depending on the ‘one thing’ this enables us to either profoundly explore the mysteries and wonders of the inner universe, or perhaps just enjoy the physical sensations of watching a delicately flickering candle flame.

A candle can give us a point of focus, but its external and we use the 5 senses to witness it. Deeper meditation and greater degrees of awareness require the use of internal keys and the introduction to and development of an extra sense as we learn to relax and expand in a different way to what we are used to.

In day-to-day life it is natural to find our thoughts racing from one thing to another in endless circles. This constant unfocused activity often feels very draining, so much so, we crave a quiet place, a refuge, – a place with some stillness and solitude away from activity. Learn 1meditatation and you can have this relaxation and tranquility, anytime, anywhere.

There is much documentation and evidence supporting the many natural benefits of meditating. We can also use meditation to discover new uncharted inner levels of ourselves, if we choose to, progressing and exploring even further using a personal mantra or advanced meditation.

The most important point to remember is that it is not the theory that holds the benefits, its not reading about how to meditate – it’s the practice itself that can help you to enjoy and experience new levels of awareness, the deepest relaxation, and daily use of your vast hidden storehouse of inner potential.

The Path offers you the opportunity to learn to relax in new ways, explore new levels of energy and awareness, and allow you to answer all your questions by yourself – for yourself.

Just imagine how much difference this freedom could make!