Benefits of Meditation – F.A.Q.

I have heard that meditation can help to answer the questions of “life, the universe and everything”. Is that possible with 1meditation?

1meditation can enable you to resolve all the questions that you might have about the nature of the self and its relationship to the universe. It supports a gentle unfolding of the self through consistent regular practice.

Through powerful meditation techniques, you can discover the deepest levels of your-inner-self. The purpose of these techniques is to guide you towards realising your own enlightenment and spiritual freedom.

I want to learn to relax, nothing else, can 1meditation help?

The practice of meditation will always be helpful for simple relaxation purposes and to-this-end, you are welcome to try our beginner’s meditation lesson.

However, 1meditation offers so much more than relaxation! Being practical, 1meditation teachers prioritise their efforts in helping others progress with Advanced Meditation techniques.

I want to discuss philosophy, nothing else, can 1meditation help?

1meditation teachers provide support in developing philosophical understanding. However, as the most powerful philosophical answers and spiritual realisations are discovered through meditation, you will be expected to meditate regularly between discussions.

For starters, have a look at some Natural Philosophy Questions.

Is the meditation linked to any religion?

The meditation has nothing to do with religion and advocates no adherance to any particular religious viewpoint except to agree with the belief that there is a creator who is independant of the limits of creation.

The goal of the meditation is there for men & woman (of all races) equally.

Do you teach children (under 18s) to meditate?

We do not teach children to meditate, although they are welcome to try the beginner’s meditation lesson with parental guidance and permission.

I am very busy but desperately want to learn to meditate – how much time do I need to set aside each day?

To enjoy the benefits – a period of meditation daily is recommended. Ten minutes or so in the morning or evening, or even both is a good starting point.

As you learn to meditate and relax you will find that it becomes easier to meditate for longer. Again – the choice is yours as to how much you want to do. Obviously the longer you can meditate for – the more noticeable the benefits.

As with anything that has any worth – the more you practice the greater the results. The choice always rests with you.

How long does it take to reach the conclusion of these practices?

1meditation offers a set progression through several stages of meditation that can be achieved in a time-frame counted in years, not lifetimes!

The time taken between stages depends on the individual’s circumstances, and the time and practice put in by the individual.


Who created it? Who is the source of it?

The meditation is the consequence of the realisations of an enlightened teacher and is taught to give people the opportunity to discover what is the cause of creation.

As true freedom is timeless, the origins will always be an unknown using the logic of thought, yet still our questions become resolved as we enjoy new expanded awareness through meditating on light and sound.


Who teaches the meditation? Why?

The meditation is taught all over the world to those wanting an answer to why they exist and where they came from. This is done by those who have completed the goal of the meditation.

All courses and classes are taught by experienced teachers with many years of meditation experience (as a not-for-profit and giving gesture).

Having been taught themselves by many others in the same way, they are keen to share and help people discover the many benefits of 1meditation.

It sounds very interesting how can I find out more?

That’s easy – just contact us with your enquiry and we can keep you informed of upcoming courses and classes near to you.