A real opportunity with 1meditation.

1meditation offers you the opportunity to learn to relax in new ways, explore new levels of energy and awareness, and most importantly…

Allows you to resolve all your questions by yourself – for yourself.

In day-to-day life it is natural to find our thoughts racing from one thing to another in endless circles. This constant unfocused activity often feels very draining, so much so, we crave a quiet place, a refuge, – a place with some stillness and solitude away from activity. Learn 1meditatation and you can have this relaxation and tranquility, anytime, anywhere.

The most important point to remember is that it is not the theory that holds the benefits, its not reading about how to meditate – it’s the practice itself that can help you to enjoy and experience new levels of awareness, the deepest relaxation, and daily use of your vast hidden storehouse of inner potential.

Just imagine how much difference this freedom could make!




True Love is a form without a limit.

It is the real freedom all seek.

This meditation is taught all over the world to those wanting an answer to why they exist and where they came from, and this is done by those who have completed the goal of the meditation.

This meditation has nothing to do with religion and advocates no adherence to any particular religious viewpoint. The goal of the meditation is there for men and woman equally.

We have a number of upcoming introduction workshops.




Click here for the Friday Drop in Meditation sessions at Global Tribe


..Click here for the Hyde Park Meditation Club

This Meditation drop is on the 1st and the 3rd Saturday of each month

From 9am til 10am