First Steps on The Path

What makes The Path different ?


Unique Staged & Guided Progression

The Path is unique compared to other meditations in the fact that The Path has a demonstrable and repeatable process – a step by step journey with a beginning, a middle, and an end.

A staged process with progressions and signposts. Each stage culminating in greater degrees of relaxation, feelings of well-being and more and more amazing insights into the nature of the self and the universe.

Breath > Mantras > Subtle energies > Universal awareness

The process is as old as meditation itself, and is new as the moment, as the universal awareness is unchanged and unchanging.

These aided expansions of awareness are gentle, natural and permanent, balancing and enhancing our daily activity and life – empowering us with more confidence, strength and understanding.


This is where we begin – learning to harness our breathing. Our next breath is the most important action for our future existence – yet we often ignore the simplicity of consciously using our breath.

Controlled and practiced breathing enables us to harness the potential of our nervous system – and hence our ability to relax and alter our state of concentration and awareness.

Breath meditation has been taught by many yoga and meditation systems and is the perfect discipline and starting point for progressing into deeper levels of relaxation.

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What makes The Path different?

Relaxation Mantras

The next stage of progress is the use of relaxation mantras. Mantras are the encapsulation of sound to create a desired effect within us. They are a science in their own right.

A mantra is a set of syllables that have no meaning as such – but are very powerful tools to enable us to experience for the first time a deeper level of relaxation than we would normally be able to experience. A wonderful tonic for our daily stresses.

Personal Mantras from £250 with follow-up tuition & support

Advanced personal mantras have been created to help us to relax into even deeper levels of stillness. They are available to anyone who would like to explore meditation and themselves in even more new exciting and profound ways, as the mantras are keys to greater degrees of space and insights inside.

This type of mantra meditation offers the most natural and gentle way of progressing to more and more peace and relaxation, they help to safely activate the bodies kundalini energy system and act as a stepping-stone towards the most advanced meditation on inner light and sound.

Meditation on Light & Sound from £250 with plenty of follow-up support

This is the most profound and advanced form of meditation. It enables us to witness, and meditate on, some of the finest aspects within.

It offers the opportunity to take meditation to its deepest level of self-discovery and relaxation. This meditation enables us to go beyond the physical kundalini system and to explore new territory within.

To be able to practice this type of meditation a preparation period using an advanced mantra (see above) is required, and lifestyle changes are encouraged.