Testimonial from David

If you’re one of those people that loves to read inspirational stuff to top up your spirituality before then moving on to the next book, web site etc. that may give you what you think you’re looking for, don’t read any further.
If you are really looking for a true spirituality, read on, for this is that true spiritual path. No nonsense, no messing.
I had been meditating since 2006 and had found an increased peace and stillness in my life but it was not until I had my initiation into the light and sound energy in  2012 that I had deep insights into the true nature of reality. Looking back, I feel sad that I wasted nearly six years but I realise now that I was one of those searchers, thinking that someone else’s word could expand my conscious awareness to amazing levels. If that resonates with you, please do not continue searching but find out for yourself here and now on The Path of light and sound
If you have been searching for that something that you feel exists beyond what you see- you’re search can end here if you now see what is before you – a real and available path to enlightenment. This path reveals to you the true nature of yourself and I am witness to that having just realised my 2nd state which takes you beyond the source of the mind, time and the cycle of birth, life  and death.
I’m not asking you to believe any of what I am saying-simply find out for yourself. This is available to anyone, anywhere in the world
Don’t waste any more time searching, time on this planet is short and you can only make these realisations when you are alive.

Testimonial from Melanie

I have met many new like-minded friends over the years up and down the country since I have embarked on this Spiritual Path. I have noticed that they fall into two groups in my mind: The ‘Stumblers’ and the ‘Searchers’. Some had been searching for years for the truth and answers to ‘big’ questions and had tried different approaches, whilst others had crossed paths with someone already on their Spiritual Journey when they were least expecting to. There is a saying ‘When the student is ready the teacher appears’. Both groups finding that meditation with support from someone to guide them allowed them to ‘grow’ from the inside out. Finding out that is more about ‘letting go’ than collecting more information.

I stumbled upon my first meditation teacher following an appointment for blocked ears. I was intrigued by the method of using Hopi ear candles. I felt drawn to the advertisement. It was at a time in my life when I was under a lot of family stress and it felt like I was holding everything together for fear of it all falling apart. I had shouldered a lot of traumatic emotions and through being strong and taking responsibility for others had not shed a tear- for fear that if I started to cry that I might not be able to stop.

Over the next few weeks and months this practitioner became my meditation teacher and friend. She taught me about breathing techniques and the use of mantras and guided me through a process of letting go. It was a period of great change for me with the release of old emotions and habits. The meditation gave me the space for new things to come into my life. I began to love and respect myself again. I lost interest in drinking and smoking and moved on in my life. As I began to change, this affected the people around me. Some stayed and others left. I began to get a bigger perspective on my life and see where my own responsibilities started and finished and that it was not so necessary to be strong in life and hold things together but just to be more aware of myself and more accepting of how things are without the need to control.

 “The grass grows by itself”

This is a very brief summary of the last ten years. Meditation as a Spiritual journey is more than just relaxation. It requires discipline, resilience and courage. It is a risk to let go of your own limitations and grow. This is a risk that is worth taking. I now teach meditation myself for those who are searching for answers or to those I just stumble across. Are you ready?

Testimonial from Jonny

Using my personal mantra was extremely transformative and insightful and it was a catalyst for some huge changes in my life. Through the meditation, I was accessing deep levels of stillness and peace beyond anything I had ever experienced and I began to explore wide open spaces of freedom and bliss on the inside. To feel these states was so deeply satisfying and affirming for me. Naturally my life outside of the meditation began to change also, I was letting go of bad drinking, smoking and drug habits very naturally and easily with little effort. I felt happier, healthier, more stable and more alive than ever!

The most profound and wonderful transformation took place for me when I began to meditate on the light and sound energy. I had heard about what others had realised and how it had changed their lives, but that was simply a concept for me until I realised it for myself on the inside. Now, I feel so elated and in awe to be able to say that yes, there is a grand, brilliant, radiant, divine, transcendental light; it is an energy that is fine and light, uplifted and elevated high above this physical reality. I know this because I have seen it on the inside, felt it, bathed in it, surrendered to it and have been lifted by it. It is love in a pure and untainted form. Seemingly boundless, endlessly giving, neutralising and transformative it is the energy of life itself. To merge with it is a feeling beyond compare and it brings the greatest safety to know that one has an identity that is beyond the physical universe. And yes, there is a sound current that can be heard on the inside. It is soothing, blissful, all-encompassing, carrying, transportive and opening. So still and consistent, it is the most reliable thing that I have ever known because beyond all of life’s twists and turns, the sound remains present, chiming high above this reality’s vibration.

Each meditation on this vibrant energy is completely new and different with so much to explore in this elevated state of awareness. The meditations go extremely deep and I can leave the world behind for prolonged periods of time to explore a wonderfully elevated spiritual state. It is then amazing to go back into my life transformed and expanded and to see everything in a new perspective with new insights into the truth about myself and the nature of this existence. I feel so blessed and privaledged to have found this meditation and to have been able to recognise it’s importance for my life. I now feel extremely excited to discover what the rest of this path has to offer!


Testimonial from Mario

I remember when my wife, then girlfriend, went to a workshop to receive a personal mantra. I picked her up on the way home and noticed something different about her. We had both been meditating in our own way for a number of years. We had had some interesting experiences but realised that we weren’t getting any deeper. She told me about the techniques that she had been taught and how the day had progressed. She began meditating with her personal Mantra in the afternoon and had an experience, which was unusual, fantastic and amazing.

I watched her for a couple of months and noticed that she was meditating in a much deeper way and soon was able to meditate for over an hour easily. I made the decision to get a personal Mantra. I received my personal Mantra in January 2001. I did not have such an instant response from meditating with my mantra, but I continued to meditate regularly. I was soon able to meditate easily for over an hour and learned to go deeper inside. One day in March of that year, I had an experience which was truly mind blowing to me. From that day onwards the part of me that wanted to meditate just continued to grow and the parts of me that wanted to smoke, drink and eat meat began to diminish. Three months later I had become vegetarian, given up smoking and given up alcohol.

After meditating on a Personal Mantra for 6 months, I was easily able to meditate for 4 hours. I was also beginning to have some amazing insights into the nature of Time, energy and Spirituality. I received initiation into Light and Sound in September 2001. At that time, it was the most amazing three days of my life. My understanding of Life and the nature of identity was expanded in the most wonderful way. I made a number of insights into the nature of reality. I was then surprised to find out that everybody who had also had this initiation into light and sound had made the same realisations, regardless of culture, race or geographical location. There are people meditating on this Path from all over the world.

The insights into the nature of Time, the Universe, identity and reality are only a part of this great journey of discovery. The neutrality that comes from meditation brings a peace into daily life, which makes life easier. I have found such Peace and Clarity through meditation. My sense of inner happiness is so clear that I am much less affected by the world around me. Life with meditation is the most wonderful experience.

I have not spoken about my journey since 2001. My journey since then has been even more amazing. When people ask me about my meditation experiences, I often say, “Reading about New York is very different to visiting New York. Hearing what I have to say, about the insights from meditation, is very different to experiencing them for yourself. I advise you to make these discoveries for yourself.”


Testimonial from Bev

My Journey so far by Bev

All of my life I have had a curiosity for why we exist. From the age of 6, I have a very clear memory of trying to count every single possibility of every outcome of every action I did. As you the reading can imagine it is a mind blowing task especially for a 6 year old! Feeling my mind was about to implode I gave up and continued with my life with certainty in my mind that madness there lies.

Scoot forward many years, traversing teenage hood, University years and into my early 20’s, trying to find my way through the world and my place within it. One day I found myself in a newly opened crystal shop in Leeds city centre. Now, my only knowledge of crystals back then was the variety that is set in jewellery. Seeing crystals in their natural form was truly beautiful and the feeling I got from walking into the store was something else. All the questions I had from being 6 came flooding back in that short time standing in that shop. Here, my curiosity for spirituality began again.

 I struck a close friendship with the owner and soon I got myself a job there as I had many years experience in retail. Within a week my life completely changed. I started to experience energy in ways I had never done so before. Feeling how crystal energies affected me was new and very strange. I really wanted to know why this was happening and what purpose does this have. Unfortunately every book I turned to and every course I went on was leading me to a dead end and extremely out of pocket.  Instead of the way being revealed, I was just being given more religious meanings which I could have got from many a book on the shelf. I knew these were not answers, just indoctrination again.

I taught myself breathe meditation from a book which was lovely. I began to feel more ‘balanced’ within myself and more able to deal with what I was experiencing with the crystals and my life in general. I knew within myself that breath meditation was just a beginning for me but to go further I needed help. Following many more dead ends searching for help with my meditation I met someone who invited me to a personal mantra course they were running. The course was more expensive than others out there, but there was something about the individual that intrigued me that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I attended the workshop with my friend. I entered the personal mantra day my usual chatty self and I left a changed individual. That day I truly leant how to meditate. That day I had found what I was looking for. 

Soon I was meditating for 4 hours with ease, my life style and habits changed to a much more healthy one. This was all coming from within me and the change was easy as the meditation was supporting me. After about 6 months I was invited to sit for initiation into light and sound meditation, which is a 3 day meditate. No religion involved just pure experience. I was ready for this next step, I knew there was more and I wanted to know the answers to my questions.

My whole reality changed again after this incredible experience. Meditation on this energy can only be experienced and words will only ever limit this. All I’ll say here is that i woke up to a whole new reality and there was no going back. The beauty, love and the profound insights I were having, I knew that with this expansion I had found my PATH.  I knew it had a conclusion that can be realised in this life. This was just the beginning.

11 years later I concluded the journey and all my question have been answered, I KNOW the cause of my existence. It is now my time to share and teach and know more of my State of Being.

Poem By Kabir

“What is seen is not the Truth
What is cannot be said
Trust comes not without seeing
Nor understanding without words
The wise comprehends with knowledge
To the ignorant it is but a wonder
Some worship the formless God
Some worship his various forms
In what way He is beyond these attributes
Only the Knower knows
That music cannot be written
How can then be the notes
Say Kabir, awareness alone will overcome illusion.” 
― Kabir