A Meditation for Beginners

Always remember – meditation is simple!

It is the art of focusing our attention on one thing. In day-to-day life it is natural to find our thoughts racing from one thing to another in ceaseless circles.

Meditation can enable us to do this. It helps to make us calmer, more relaxed and relieves tension. It can also enable us to discover inner levels of ourselves when we progress to more advanced meditation.

Simple Breath Meditation Lesson for Beginners

Observing the breath is a simple yet powerful form of meditation. This is where the foundations for meditation begin. Breath meditation is a useful tool, which can be a starting point for progressing to finer and deeper meditation techniques.

    • Set a time aside a regular time once or twice each day.
    • This is going to be your time and the world can wait. It has already had your attention for 23 hours so look at your meditation as a special and important part of your day.
    • Ensure you will not be disturbed. For example turn your phones to silent.


Remember that you can only experience the benefits of meditation for yourself.

So, we are beginning to introduce meditation as a regular part of your day.

Cultivating a good habit for a change !

In a quiet room, sit comfortably.

What is required if possible is a straight back and this can be achieved by either sitting cross-legged on the floor with your back supported by the wall or end of the bed or even by sitting in a supportive chair.

Feel free to use cushions or pillows to sit on and to support your back, knees and ankles if you need them.

When you are properly supported then it will be easier to have deeper and more pleasurable meditations.

Now that you are sitting comfortably take a few deep and slow breaths, each time you exhale notice how you are naturally becoming more relaxed.

    • Gently close your eyes and gradually become aware of your breathing.
    • As you become aware of the gentle rise and fall of your abdomen start taking a longer breath and begin counting slowly to yourself 1 2 3 4 as you inhale through your nose.
    • Hold this breath for another count of four then slowly exhale for another count of four.
    • Continue to breathe in, pausing at the top of the breath and then breathing out. Again, remembering to pause at the bottom of each breath.

As you continue to breathe in and out, you will find a natural, gentle rhythm.


You can continue this conscious breathing for 5-10 minutes.

Breathing in, Pausing at the top of the breath

Breathing out, Pausing at the bottom of the breath

And repeat.

To start with 5 minutes might seem a long time and this is quite natural.

Meditation is a skill and like any skill needs practice.

There will be good days and not quite as good days, frustrations and joys.

Keep practicing, be persistent and you will find your periods of relaxation will increase.

At times you may find your mind strays, this is natural, just bring your attention back to your breathing. You are gently training your mind to be more under your conscious control and this is just the beginning.


The foundations are being laid and as you practice, and progress, your meditation will become easier and feel more natural.

Well done! You have taken the first steps in discovering your self