Waking up
Many of our lives today are very fast-paced, our minds full of ‘things to do’ as we move from one thing to another, seeking to achieve as much as we can before we tire, rest a little and sleep; before beginning it all over again.
But in those moments before sleep finally takes us, do we ever ponder a while…
What is this momentum which seems to ‘carry me’ through each day?
Am I even in control of my own life?
Am I more than just the sum of my actions?
And what’s it all for anyway?


So why is there so much confusion in many people’s lives and how can meditation help?
When we meditate we access a new state of awareness which is beyond the waking and sleeping states. We sit still, in a quiet space and close our eyes – allowing our senses to rest a while. Turning our attention inwards, becoming stiller, more present – discovering a new kind of relaxation. We interrupt the endless cycle of activity and learn how to simply be. As the old saying goes: no longer just a ‘human doing’ we become a Human Being.
This takes courage. To be with ourselves. Simply noticing and accepting all that we find. Practicing love and acceptance of ourselves.  And when we accept what we find within, we become stiller. Our awareness can begin to expand, to include our body, our emotions, our thoughts. We discover finer aspects within.
When we integrate meditation with our daily life we discover a stillness and clarity which becomes more and more continuous both in and out of meditation. The clarity to increasingly see the true nature of things; of ourselves, of what we consist of, of the nature of other people, of the places and spaces we enter. The clarity to see our life for what it is, to navigate the pitfalls, to see when to forge on and when to hold back. In a mad world we become more and more sane.

And with this growing clarity it is natural for a deeper enquiry to arise…
What am I? What could I be? What is my greatest potential?
What is the purpose of my life?
What is life? What is death?
What is the cause of my existence?

When we ask questions such as these we naturally open up, creating a space and receptivity inside, to one day discover the answer. Through travelling a true spiritual path, an inner journey of Light, Sound, Space and Love we can discover answers to all of these questions, and more. Answers which are completely satisfying and natural because they are a reality which we have now become.