Spirituality is about ultimate freedom. We as individuals have the potential (though not the ability in ourselves) to take a journey of self-discovery. In other words to discover our cause.


Not our parents, or our parents parents, or our parents parents parents. No. To discover the cause of our own Existence.


“The purpose of your life is to discover the cause of your existence.”


The cause of our existence is the cause of all existence.


As humans we are bound, limited by time and space. We are born. We die. Our cause does not.


In order to discover the cause of existence we have to stop being an effect.


Creation has been described as ” a Great Chain of Being”.


From big causes to small causes. Every cause an effect of what supports its existence.


Only that which is first has no cause. Religions imagine this and call it God. “Thou shalt not worship graven images” – yet they all do.


That which is First contains all Creation yet is untouched by it for to touch requires a limit and there can be no limits for that which is first.


So how can we discover, find, realise, the Absolute and Eternal cause of everything that we know or could know when knowing requires duality?


How can 2 get back to 1? It cannot. But…


“I and my Father are one.” “Before Abraham was I am.” “The ten thousand things rise and fall whilst the Self looks on”. And so on. Different humans. Different ages. All expressing what cannot be said – in their own words.


Maybe these people did not exist. Even if they did their words may have been mis-translated. Or maybe someone recorded them whilst they were talking in their sleep. Doesn’t matter.


What matters is belief or faith.


If you can believe that the stars, aphids, algae, Bruce Willis, an iPhone 6 can all emerge without intelligence you are wasting your time reading this. Get on with your life.


But if you believe that the “Big Bang” theory is just that, a theory and still begs the question. What caused the “Big Bang”?


Then maybe you are open to the possibility that…


there is a way – to come home to One Self.


But life is busy and seems so permanent. Like a boat sinking so slowly no one is aware.


And that which is most precious, our own existence is taken for granted until one day it is taken and we dissolve back into the oblivion from which we came.