The Path has been running courses and seminars for more than 40 years all over the world. There are groups in Tanzania, Switzerland, Namibia, Columbia, Brasil, England, India and Australia to name a few.

This is a Path to Freedom, which has been experienced by thousands of people accross the globe. Along the Path we teach philosophy, which helps each person to begin to challenge their current state of awareness. As we begin to challenge our limits, habits, patterns and geometries, we are presented with an opportunity to grow out of our restrictive patterns and expand into more liberating states of awareness.

Recently we travelled to Bogota, Columbia to teach some workshops to the group of meditators there. We taught interactive workshops on Colour, Geometry, Crystals and Metals. We also taught some workshops that were open to the Public in Bogota.

These workshops gave stimuli, which promoted different states of being. These explorations allowed the opportunity to re-evaluate the energies that create both our physical, emotional and mental awareness, as well as our environment. Poeple used mantras to feel energy in new ways. Crystals and Metals were accelerated with Mantras in order to give us insight into the energetic nature of ourselves and the physical world around us. We worked with copper on our stomachs with a specific mantra. Many were surprised that they could taste the copper in their mouths even though it was placed on their stomachs. People went deep into meditation and were surprised how deep they had gone.

There are always opportunities for you to join in these deep explorations. The key to all our work is meditation. The stiller we become the deeper into our meditation we can go. Slowly letting go of the physical aspects of ourselves. Simply allowing our physical bodies to dissolve as we pay more attention to the space within.

We teach the basics of meditation and help each person to begin that journey into themselves. Meditation is not difficult. In fact it is the easiest thing in the world. The less you do the more you achieve. When people start to meditate regularly, that’s when the real change and benefits begin to be glimpsed. There is a real peace that comes from a regular meditation practice. Peace that starts in your meditation and then begins to follow you through your entire life.

Once people are starting to enjoy their meditation, we begin to look at how we can help them get even deeper into their meditations. We have regular drop in meditation sessions to create more opportunities to become stiller and even more peaceful. There are various stages on the Path. We all begin by learning to meditate. Those who want to go further can choose to get a Personal Mantra. They are very easy to get. Just talk to the person who is currently teaching you. send us an email or you can go on a Personal Mantra course like the one below.

These Personal Mantra courses include a full day introduction followed by 2 follow up sessions. These Personal Mantras can be very expansive and liberating. Anyone with a Personal Mantra will continue to get support and guidance for as long as they choose to meditate regularly. There are regular drop ins for those with Personal Mantras, where we give guidance, support and the opportunity to do longer meditations.

The Personal Mantra prepares each person for Initiation into Light and Sound Meditation, where the true journey begins.

Below are some of the posters from events we have run in the recent past.