What is Spirituality ?

There is so much flux  in this modern reality. The pace of this change is increasing rapidly, some say exponentially. Is it changing for the better or worse ? Or is it just change.

Spirirtuality is a term that is bandied about without much thought these days. There are very few complete thoughts.

Superstition is just an incomplete thought mechanism.

The level of surface attention is becoming alarming. The general public is being taught to simply accept the flow of change. To accept that this is now the way to do certain things.  To accept that this is the natural way.

There seems to be very little that is natural in the way that things are being done. It truly is Alice through the looking glass. The absurdity is increasing. The comic tales of Alice seem common place in our current world affairs. The stark message of George Orwell’s 1984 is admitted to be our new paradigm.

Where is the depth ?

Where are the true seekers ?

Why is everything just accepted at face value ?

It is a sad state of current affairs. The mainstream media, banks, corporations and religions have been peddling the same garbage for two thousand years, at least.

The Bible is simply a book of Astrology. The chronicles of the charachters simply give voice to the procession of the ages. Moses with his ten commandments  describes a new dawn after the age of Taurus. Abraham heralds the age of Aries with his story of saving the Ram. Jesus brings in the age of Pisces with his miracle of fish and bread, whilst  “feeding” the five thousand and making us “fishers of men”.

It’s obvious, isn’t it ?

The Greeks told the story of the Stars through their heroes.

The Romans simply copied.

The story of Jesus is just the story of the procession of the eqiunoxes. That age old tale that has been told for millenia.

The winter equinox is on the 21st of December and for the next three days the Sun/Son rises from the same angle. On the 25th December the Sun rises by 1 degree. The beginning of that battle between good and evil begins. The powers of the light begin to rise and dispel the long nigts of Winter.

On the Equinox Easter is celebrated. Here the day has become the the same length as the night. Here in death the Jesus charachter defeats death and for the next period the days get longer and light wins the battle over darkness. “Good/God” wins the battle over Evil, Sin, without.

The age of Pisces was 2,000 years of looking for authority outside of ourselves. Its greatest constructs were the Banking System, The Religious systems, Energy Companies  and Multi-national Corporations.

That time is over. Now, we have firmly entered  the Age of Aquarius. It’s not all going to be good. There will be balance as always. New constructs include the internet, renewable power, electric cars, growing our own food, harvesting rainwater. Other developments include the next wave of automation, Artificial Intelligence, Universal Credit and all the unemployment/ free time/ opportunities  that will come with these changes. This is 2,000 years of looking for authority within ourselves.

Don’t give all your power to Google. Do some of your own research. Don’t let an algorithm tell you how to think. Things may come easy to us in this information age. The real nuggets of truth will still require some effort to reveal.

In this era of searching for the authority within ourselves, we must strive to dig deeper and to act from a deeper place. Alice Bailey wrote a wonderful esoteric description of the Greek story of Hercules and the twelve Labours, tasks or tests. In this book she describes the gods looking down on Hercules and recognising in him the potential of ascension to greatness. This potential sits within us all. They  contrive to put him to the test. They put him on the Great Wheel of life. This great wheel is simply the twelve houses of the horoscope. This procession of the constellations across our night sky begin with Aries and end with Pisces.

Click here to Read Alice Bailey’s esoteric interpretation of The Labours of Hercules.

Each labour tells the story of the lessons to be learned from each Sun sign. In his first task Hercules is asked to go into a land and gather together the horses which are running wild. Once, he has gathered the horses together he must take them to the land of the one eyed to be trained. The esoteric meanings behind these stories are numerous and filled with a deeper wisdom. The horses simbolise our emotions and our need to train them and in time to become masters of our emotions and not as we were subservient to them. This discipline will take time, effort and guidance from those who have tread this Path already.

Hercules undertakes this task as an Aries. He is swift and decisive. He quickly gathers the horses together and then thinking he has completed his task gives the horses to his lower self, Abderis, to take them to the wise one eyed beings. The one eyed beings do not see with their physical eyes but with the inner eye of wisdom and esoteric sight, the third eye. Unfortunately, Abderis is not up to the task. The horses kill Abderis and soon run free and wild again.

Hercules, mourns for his lost friend. He sees the necessity of completing a task, to see it through to its final conclusion. He gathers the horses together once again, but this time he delivers them to the wise one eyed beings for these wild horse/emotions to be trained.

Here, we can see the lesson for Aries people. They are great fire signs. They can start things easily. They are of course naturally the spark of fire which gives birth to all actions and creations. Their lesson is to learn to stay the course and complete their tasks, if they are to become complete humans and find their true potential mature.

The Labour of Aquarius, this age in which we now are, is to learn to take all our creations and abilities and to begin to serve both each other and the World. The task of the Aegean stables shows through serving humanity without any need for personal reward, we will be serving all including ourselves. We begin to live the life of a wise interconnected being. These lessons from The Labours of Hercules can teach us many things about physical, emotional and mental being.

These stories are of course Esoteric. They have an even deeper meaning. As we dig deeper into these stories we discover more about our own true nature.  At first we understand them from our current level of understanding. In the words we can sense and deeper meaning. The curiosity and due diligence learned from Hercules’ first task is to look deeper. Let’s see this task through to its completion. We begin to learn about the various parts of ourselves. We learn to activate and master those parts. In life we learn to master our emotions better and have some level of control of our thoughts. We begin to grow and develop. We learn to be active and less re-active. We learn to be creators rather than victims of circumstance.

Then we sense there is more. The words and our actions lead us to realise that we are indeed prisoners of our minds. Everything we do or do not do is a consequence of what we notice with our 5 senses. We are prisoners of these beautiful cages. This prison of 5 sense reality. It can look beautiful, smell wonderful, taste phenomenal, sound delightful and feel awesome but they are all reactions to this amazing 5 sense reality called life.

Esoteric literature has alluded to these insights for thousands of years. It is the same wisdom that continues to sit behind everything we know.

How can we be free from this eloborate prison ?

Can we dream or imagine a Freedom ?  As pretty as our dreams and imaginations are, they are just the exact same kind of prison. The only difference is that the nature of the prison has a finer energy. It’s not quite as physical as the world around us, but this world is made of thoughts and energy not molecules and atoms. This fine and more malleable world is just another prison created by the mind consisting of the same reactions to a 5 sense reality. It is not Freedom it’s just like taking a holiday in a different place or on another higher frequency.

This Freedom that brings the True meaning of Life will take effort. Many believe that they are already Enlightened, they have just forgotten. Click Here for a whole article on this thought process. Others think that we can simply take some Ancient Plant medicine like Ahayuasca or Peyote. Do you really think a plant can give you a freedom beyond form, mind and time ? Perhaps the next article will describe the limits to plant medicine when exploring sprirtuality.We need to be honest with ourselves.  The Path to freedom will take time and effort. Let’s be honest it will require a teacher who has already reached the goal and can show us the way. If you are truly seeking Enlightenment then ask the necessary questions. Have you realised Enlightenment ? Do you know someone who has ? Can I speak to them ? Can I realise Enlightenment in this lifetime ? ( Here’s a clue, if they tell you that you have to reincarnate many times to realise Enlightenment, then they don’t have a clue. To clarify this please click here to read the Article on, “ why there is no such thing as Karma?”

First learn how to meditate properly. You can click here to read the article on “What is Meditation ?” Then learn how to get deeper into meditation and to sit for longer. Then you will need some help from those further down the Path.

The only method of liberation from Space, Time and the Mind is through meditation. It has been written about in esoteric texts. This Path gives you the opportunity to break free from the elaborate prison of the mind and to begin to glimpse your True Identity, which exisits before and after Time.

Spirituality is a perpetual rebellion against matter.