Shattering the Myth of Self Enlightenment

The Universe has been sitting in God forever and has not yet got Enlightened.  It is a myth that we come here life after life to learn certain lessons until we have learnt all that we need to learn, and then suddenly get Enlightened by the coming together of all limits, this is far from reality as there is no such a thing as learning. Since limits themselves have beginnings, middle and an ending, and themselves are not Enlightened, then by the mere coming together of limits no person can attain to Enlightenment. Buddha taught the same thing as every person on this Path who has attained Enlightened, has realized that there is no such a thing as the “self” or an individual soul.


The Buddha has to be a living Enlightened person who has perfected the art of giving Enlightenment to others, and such a rare one is called a Perfect Master. It is through his Grace only that one can attain Enlightenment in this very life time, there simply isn’t any other way. I have never understood why people are allergic to my statements when I say “the Masters Grace” considering Lord Krishna stated over five thousand years ago in the Bhagavad Gita when addressing his disciple Arjuna on the battle of Kurukshetra. He clearly says, “I give you of my own immortality,” and any individual with some understanding of the scriptures will realize what Lord Krishna means. The statement is pretty clear that it is the Grace of an Enlightened Master that sets an individual free from the need to exist without limits, in other words, grants spiritual Enlightenment.


There are some Gurus who teach that “you are already Enlightened and you just have to discover it, or you do not know it yet”. This is just misleading and committing a grave mistake, depriving the real seeker of an opportunity to go to an Enlightened Master who can grant them Enlightenment. Such absurd statements need to be challenged by the genuine seeker, who should be asking the question, “if I am already Enlightened and do not know it yet, then where does the small “self” hide an Absolute state, which has no shape or form?” How can a “limit” hide something that has “no limits” and if that is the case, where then does this Absolute state hide in the individual?’


Yet again, there are some schools or self proclaimed Gurus teaching that an individual needs an Enlightened persons Grace initially and then sit by themselves and Grace will pour down to them from some other beings. These beings, whoever they are “have never had a body, cannot feel the suffering of humanity, because they have no physical form, but somehow can “sympathise with humanity.” They are not Enlightened and and honourable enough to admit that you need a “physical body to be Enlightened” but can somehow pour down Grace to others to Enlighten them, how absurd and childish. There are traditions so rich in spirituality for thousands of years that testify to the fact that only an Enlightened Master can confer Enlightenment to a seeker, and only an unenlightened, self proclaimed Master will make absurd statements to cover his own shortcoming.


The simple test of an Enlightened Master is to ask him if he is Enlightened, and if he makes the claim that he is Enlightened, then ask him for people you can see and talk to who have attained Enlightenment by his Grace as well as others at different stages of the Path. There is no reason why there should not be several people, both men and women, who are at different stages of spiritual development of the Path. If this Master is unable to do that, then know for sure that he is not Enlightened and you, the seeker, must move on until you find such a Master as I have mentioned.


It has been my great fortune to have found such a Master in the early eighties who is Enlightened, and through his Grace I attained to the highest state of spiritual development, Enlightenment, in 1995. Ever since I have been teaching both in the United Kingdom and travelling abroad to help others who pursue this Path as well as delivering public talks to inform others of the rare opportunity available to them right now.


At present, I am teaching this unique form of meditation and those interested in either one to one tuition or wanting to be part of a very kind and caring group, please contact me directly:


Paul Mahay

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J Paul Mahay.