What is Meditation ?

Meditation has been practised here for at least thousands of years. The oldest records we have come from an ancient book called the Stanzas of Dyzan, roughly translated as The Poems of Meditation. There are countless references to meditation throughout the Vedas, Bhavadgita, the Kabalah and the Tao te Ching.

The old texts refer to beginning the journey into yourself or opening the inner eye. The Hermit in the Tarot takes his light inside and continues his/her journey to inner self discovery.

I’ve heard meditation described as the best book you have ever read.

Mme Blavatsky refers to the timeless wisdom. Rumi asks us to meet him in a field beyond the concepts of right and wrong.

I have heard meditation described in the following statement,

“ Meditation starts when thought Stops.”

There is a timeless wisdom that remains the same regardless of whether it is realised in 252BC, 2017 AD or 3057AD. It is a Truth that we can discover through meditation. This Path is a true opportunity to discover this Ageless wisdom for yourself.

Those who have truly practised the Art of Meditation can easily recognise the practice in others. Those, who are meditating deeply and regularly, can hear the words spoken or written and instantly know that this person is a genuine meditator and has gleaned some wisdom from their practice.


Recently the understanding of the true nature of meditation has been lost. Many “gurus” and guides have described a multitude of differing techniques and methods of meditation. This multitude of differing techniques really shows how much the essence of meditation has been concealed or lost. I’ve heard of walking meditation, hug meditation, guided meditation and mindfulness to name but a few. These techniques can all bring benefits to the user. However, true meditation is very different.

True meditation is the journey of discovery within. This begins with silence and stillness. Only when we let go of the world can we begin to discover the Stillness and the energy that sits behind our current understanding of reality.

The basics of meditation are simple. There are number of techniques which will bring about a new way of being and noticing. In the beginning, we teach relaxation methods, posture, breathing techniques and Mantra.

I remember whilst teaching someone how to meditate.

She asked me, “When will I know when that I am Meditating?”

I replied, “You’ll know when you are.”

Later on in that session, she came over to me and told me that now she knew, and discussed what she was noticing. You can learn many tools and techniques from books and You Tube videos but some things only translate well when you work directly with a person of experience.

These techniques will help you to access the space within. As we begin to meditate more regularly we find that we can access this internal space more easily. We can learn to sit comfortably in this space and then begin to dissolve into this space.

The doorway to this space is the 3rd eye. The breath meditation technique can help us to open our 3rd eye and to access the internal space. Once we are accessing this space, we can truly begin the journey of self discovery. Then we can consider how to go even deeper.

A personal Mantra can then help us to access even more expanded states of awareness and discover more about our true identity.

Meditation is the medium through which we can begin to discover the Cause of our Existence.