Meditation in The North West

The meditation we teach is one which provides a means to resolving all of the fundamental questions of life (and more) in a completely natural way…

“Is there a purpose to my life, how much more am I than just
a name and personality, what is it all about?”

Deep questions that demand a powerful approach. This meditation is both powerful and simple – and it works!

»» Powerful Spiritual Meditation Sessions in Didsbury (Manchester)

Incredible, permanent states of consciousness are realisable by you!

(As well as all the benefits of a typical meditation class like, relaxation, a sense of well being and a premonition of next weeks lotto numbers……OK not the lotto numbers.)

Our group

  • Uses straightforward techniques,
  • Gives support from experienced meditation practitioners,
  • Provides a safe environment for you to explore your own spirituality
  • Has the potential to convey an extremely gentle yet powerful, subtle energy from a living Master to turbo power your journey.

Next Set of Sessions Start: To be Confirmed

These sessions are Meditation drop ins. They run every other week.

Costs: £10 per session payable on the day, or £50 up front payment for each 6-week module

The overall course will consist of six, six week modules taking place over 12 months.

Each module will build upon the content of previous modules so these will not be drop in sessions but a framework of meditation, including breath, mantra, kundalini and personal mantra supported by relevant philosophy and insights into Spirituality.

These sessions are a genuine opportunity for a novice or experienced meditator to explore their potential and take themselves as far as they wish to go!

We invite you to take the next step on your journey and join our group. Sessions start on Wednesday April 17th in Didsbury, Manchester. Contact us to find out more.

»» Meditation Courses & Drop-In Classes

These classes are designed to provide you with a space to be yourself (from within) through an experiential exploration of consciousness from a place of stillness, which can be used to explore philosophical questions.

Each class begins with a guided meditation, after which, topics discussing experiences of life, living and space are explored.

Next Classes: Every other Thursday 7pm to 9pm,

For details please contact Renata

Mobile 07891806105 Email

Costs: £5 per drop-in class

Topics Covered: Meditation postures and positions, Breathing techniques, Mantras – sounds and effects, Physiology – Chakras, Auras and Auric Hygiene, Environmental – Clearing Space for change, Philosophy of consciousness, Advancing your meditation – discovering your true self

Also Available: personal one-to-one meditation coaching sessions, as well as advanced classes designed to support those who are interested in discovering the levels of consciousness behind their own perception and egos.


For more information on Meditation in The North West:

Please contact us via our simple-to-use contact form, with your interest in attending any of our classes/courses and we will provide you with further info.

All above classes/courses are suitable for both Beginners and Advanced Meditators, in particular for those wanting to discover who they really are.

1meditation (North West) areas include: Blackburn, Blackpool, Birkenhead, Bolton, Burnley, Carlisle, Chester, Liverpool, Manchester, Oldham, Preston, Rochdale, Salford, Southport, St.Helens, Stockport, Warrington & Wigan.