Meditation in Australia

Beginners Course in Meditation – Wagga

This course is designed to help you discover techniques to allow you to relax and let go more effectively. Good breathing technique and the ability to calm and let go are the foundations for other more powerful and interesting meditation practices.
It will allow you to explore and practice techniques so that by the end you should feel confident in applying these skills on a day-to- day basis. Typical benefits include a greater sense of well-being, deep relaxation and increased confidence, providing a means to resolving all of the fundamental questions of life (and more) in a completely natural way…

“Who am I?”

“Is there a purpose to my life, how much more am I than just
a name and personality, what is it all about?”

For this reason it is not only suitable for beginners, and those wishing to simply relax and experience more stillness in everyday life, but also experienced meditators.

Deep questions that demand a powerful approach. This meditation is both powerful and simple – and it works!

Suitability: for all levels including beginners (particularly those who want to discover who they really are).

Imagine a state of total freedom. It cannot be described in words – you must become it.

This infinite awareness is changeless, limitless and blissful. Once attained it can never be lost. It is love in its purest essence.

The meditation is taught in stages, each stage building on the realisations made at the previous stage.

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