The Power of Sound – The Resonance of Vowel sounds and syllables in different organs and areas of the body


The Sounds









These sounds correspond to different areas of the body. Through connecting to them by saying them aloud or repeating them internally, can you feel which areas they are connected to? Find out where they correspond to in this article.



Everything in the universe consists of Light and Sound. The finest and highest level of Light and Sound is the energy that brings all things into existence, supporting and sustaining them, knowing no boundaries. On this Path of Meditation, one is able to witness and meditate upon these finer levels of Light and Sound as we explore new territories within ourselves. The physical reality in which we live consists of Light and Sound, but of an inferior nature to the finer levels of this all-pervading energy.


It is possible to observe the nature of the universe as fundamentally being made up of sound when we see that all things are vibrating together. Modern quantum physics has proven that 99.9% of matter is empty space and we can now see when we observe the smaller levels of matter, the smallest elements are in fact vibrations of small strings of energy. It is sound and frequency that bring matter together.


A clear demonstration and a beautiful example of this can be seen in a cymatics experiment, where a sustained note is projected from a speaker onto a surface filled with sand. The sand reorders itself into harmonious shapes as it vibrates with the frequency of the sound. The note can then be raised in pitch and as the frequency changes, the shapes that the sand is ordered into changes and they become more and more complex.





Mantra meditation is a technique that is used on this Path of Meditation. A mantra is an encapsulation of sound that, when repeated, can have a harmonious effect on our physical, mental and emotional body and our energy system. A Personal Mantra can bring balance and stillness into our energy system and give us access to finer and finer levels of energy so that we are able to meditate upon higher states of consciousness. Each of us has our own unique vibration and there are no two people the same; a Personal Mantra is chosen specifically for a person and it will be suited to benefit that person and their own particular energy.



On a surface level, the mantras are a collection of syllables, yet the effect that these syllables have on our consciousness can be deep and profound.

It can be interesting to play around with different vowels and syllables, through saying aloud or repeating them internally, and feeling the effect they have on the body. It can be healing for the body and the nervous system to connect to these sounds and increase our sensitivity to subtle energies.





The Sounds and their correspondences



AHH – Heart

OHH – Stomach

OOO – Base

III – Spleen

EEE – Liver

GEE – Nervous System

HOE – Hari centre

OMM – Throat
Try this exercise:



Sit in a quiet place, take a few moments to relax your body and mind and to tune into your breath.
Pick some of these sounds, take a deep breath and say them aloud in long sustained notes.

Notice the effect this has on your body. You may sense spaciousness, openness or tingling in different areas of your body, just sit and observe this as you continue to say the vowels and relax.


If you are interested to explore mantras, which use sounds and syllables in a far more harmonious and profound way then you can find out more about mantra meditation, Light and Sound meditation and meditation classes, workshops, courses and one-to-one support here.